Cayucos Art Association
10 Cayucos Dr.,• Cayucos 93430 • (805)995-2049
Cayucos Community Art Gallery Open 1:00 - 4:00 pm, closed Monday & Tuesday


Every eight weeks a new show is promoted with an opening reception. Along with the many artists represented, one artist is usually featured. Artists who wish to be considered as a featured artist may submit an application.

Best of Show
Visitors to the Cayucos Art Gallery are invited to name their "favorite" work of art and complete a form provided. There is a box in which these completed forms are collected. The purpose is to provide feedback to the artists and is a means to encourage them. A show changes every 6 weeks and at the end of each show forms in the box get counted. Two selections are made: 1) Favorite Artist and 2) Favorite picture. As each artist most likely exhibits more than one piece of art on the wall in addition to having art work in the portfolio bins it is possible to have a favorite artist without this artist receiving the favorite picture award.

Gallery Policy


Paintings: 2 may be submitted.
Framed paintings must have braided wire and screw eyes. Saw tooth or other hangers are NOT acceptable. Every effort will be made to hang at least one painting for each artist; a second painting will be hung according to the discretion of the gallery director. Any exceptions must be cleared with the gallery director. All art work larger than 22" x 28" under glass must be plexiglass due to weight restrictions. Display fee $5.00 per showing ($2.00 for volunteers).

Portfolio Bins
Original art prints or photos should be plastic wrapped and noted whether they are original or prints. No more than three per member.
Display fee $5.00 per showing ($2.00 for volunteers). Artist's commission to gallery 20%.

A limit of 10 cards per artist. A one time fee of $1.00. Artist's commission to gallery 20%.

The maximum number of CRAFT works for artists will be determined
individually by their space requirements and Gallery space available.
Display fee $5.00 per showing ($2.00 for volunteers). Artist's commission to gallery 20%.

There are many other things our members can do besides sitting the gallery.  We are looking for board help, people to volunteer with fund-raising and committees, our summer school program or teaching art classes, help with the newsletter or at receptions, etc.  We're always open to ideas and suggestions and want to encourage our members to be involved.

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